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This journal is a ‘must have’ tool to help you process your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Promoting awareness of your focus helps you to gain an inner understanding of yourself and gain learnings that will help you change  to feel and be your best, as well as meeting your goals.

How can this Journal benefit me?

I have seen with my clients and on a personal level just how beneficial a Gratitude Diary can be for learning to see the positives around us.

This in itself improves our wellbeing, health and ability to sleep.

A 10 week study by Emmons & McCullough (2003) *,  suggested that those people who kept a ‘Gratitude Diary’, were 25% happier than those who kept a ‘Hassle Diary’, which is the typical mindset most people have in these fast paced, high pressured, demanding times we live in.

Remember that what we focus on determines how we feel. So it’s important to learn to see the positives around us and within to feel good about ourselves and our life. Additionally it is vital we learn to change the challenges in life into a positive learning and experience to help us move forward.

Why not give it a go and benefit your life like so many others have using this.

Enjoy and I am here if you need any more help becoming the best version of yourself.

Best wishes,

Nicky Anstey

*Emmons & McCullough (2003), Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 84(2), 377-389).

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